Maryland Brightwood Students: 

Students can sign up to receive email alerts by emailing with the subject line "SUBSCRIBE." Students are encouraged to check the web page regularly for up-to-date information specific to Maryland. Additionally, students can call MHEC directly at 410-767-3300 or toll-free at 1-800-974-0203 for more information.

 Education Corporation of America, Inc. discontinued all academic operations in Maryland on December 7, 2018, including three locations in Maryland operating as Brightwood College (803 Glen Eagles Court, Towson; 1520 South Caton Avenue, Baltimore; 4600 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville). The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) is working closely with students, ECA headquarters in Alabama, and Maryland institutions of higher education to support Maryland students through this transition. MHEC is working to identify processes for students to obtain records, as well as transfer options within the State.


Options for Brightwood Students

 Students affected by the closure of the Brightwood campuses have 3 options:

       1.    Pursue a federal loan discharge and state refund of self-paid or private lender monies paid to the school – see more information below regarding federal loan discharge

       2.    Pursue a transfer opportunity at a state-approved teach-out school – see more information below regarding teach-out and transfer

       3.    Pursue a self-chosen/determined transfer to another school (subject to all transfer policies of the accepting school)

If a student chooses option #2 or option #3 then the student cannot pursue option #1. If a student chooses option #1 the student cannot pursue a teach-out or transfer.


Information Regarding Federal Loan Forgiveness

• You may be eligible to have your federal student loans used to attend Brightwood College discharged and any amounts already paid on those loans reimbursed. Federal regulations provide that students who are actively enrolled in a school that closes, or who withdrew up to 120 days before the school closed, and were not able to complete their program of study can apply for a Closed School Discharge of their Federal Direct Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, or FFEL Loans used to attend the closed school.

•To receive a Closed School Discharge, you must file an application to your loan servicer. You can determine your current loan servicer and check how much you currently owe in federal debt at You should contact your loan servicer with questions related to the Closed School Discharge process and to obtain an application.  You can also print this application and submit it to your servicer (see link copied below). You can learn more about the Closed School Discharge at

• Download the Closed School Loan Discharge Form here:

•Completing your program of study through another school can disqualify you from receiving a Closed School Discharge. As such, you should carefully consider your options and personal finances before continuing your studies or applying for a Closed School Discharge. For some people, having their loans discharged will be preferable to continuing their programs of study and being obligated to repay the student loan debt accrued at Brightwood College. Students whose loans are discharged have the option of pursuing a new degree at institutions that are less expensive, such as state schools or community colleges.

Information Regarding Refund through MHEC 


Information regarding the state refunds process will be posted shortly.

 Teach-out and Transfer Agreements with Maryland Institutions


Several institutions in Maryland have made a commitment to transfer Brightwood college academic credit into specific academic programs. Students are encouraged to review these agreements. This list is expected to expand over the next few weeks, and students are encouraged to return to the MHEC website for updates.

If a student chooses to pursue a teach-out or transfer opportunity, then the student cannot pursue loan discharge and state refund.  If a student chooses option #1 the student cannot pursue a teach-out or transfer.

Transfer Agreements:


Agreements will be posted here as they become finalized. 

Teach-out Agreements

 Agreements will be posted here as they become finalized​

Cecil College


Medical Assistant

Contact: Katie York, Program Specialist,, (443) 674-1550

 Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC)



Information Technology


Medical Assistant

Medical and Pharmacy

Contact: Diane Marie Drake, Director of Admissions,, (443) 840-4392

 York Technical Institute


Computer Systems Specialist, Electrical Technology, Medical Billing and Coding, and HVAC​


Dave Woffington, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone number: 717-757-1100  
Email address:   

Students are also encouraged to visit the U.S. Department of Education website for more information.

Beginning  December 19, 2018, the US Department of Education is offering a series of webinars to help Brightwood students.

The webinar schedule can be found at:

Meanwhile, AACC welcomes former B​rightwood College students in response to the closing of Brightwood College, Anne Arundel Community College has established dedicated resources for students who wish to transfer.

 AACC has set up the following starting points:  A detailed webpage at , A dedicated hotline number – 410-777-7488, and an email address – ​

 AACC offers several programs that relate to Brightwood College offerings, including:

Certified Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Nursing Assistant (CNA/GNA) 

Computer Information Systems 

Computer Science 


Dental Assisting 

Electrical Helper 

HVAC Technician 

IT Support Specialist 

Medical Assisting 

​Medical Coding 

Students using VA Education Benefits


Students using VA Education Benefits should contact the Maryland State Approving Agency for details regarding transferring GI Bill® benefits and ensuring program approval for the use of VA Education Benefits. Veterans with specific inquiries may call 410-767-3301 or send an email to: Veterans may also call the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551. 

Please note:  In order to continue your education using your Title 38 educational benefits, you must be enrolled in a qualified program or educational institution.

Visit the GI Bill® Comparison Tool for assistance in selecting an alternate program or school. You can also find research information regarding school tuition and fees, basic housing allowance rates, graduation statistics, and loan default rates.

You can find a complete list of qualified programs and schools on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

For Further Assistance:

- Visit the GI Bill®​ website to access education benefit information.
- All questions regarding eligibility and payment of GI Bill benefits must be directed to USDVA at 1-888-GIBILL1.
- Complaints regarding a specific school or program should be directed to USDVA.​

  In addition to pursuing a teach-out, students may also choose to pursue an apprenticeship program.  Brightwood students enrolled in skilled trades occupational training for the electrical or HVAC industry may benefit from registered apprenticeship sponsors with immediate hiring needs. These apprenticeship opportunities couple paid on-the-job training with related instruction. Classes begin as soon as January, and could grant credit for instruction received at Brightwood.  To begin searching Maryland’s apprenticeship programs and sponsors, visit the Maryland Apprenticeship Locator​/.  Students interested in learning more should contact the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program at

 Impacted students are also encouraged to utilize other state resources, such as EARN Maryland. EARN provides funding for free training in a variety of industries, including cybersecurity, information technology, healthcare, and construction. The program operates statewide and has a number of different training programs that students may enroll in. For more information on EARN, including a list of current program partnerships, visit

 Additionally, Maryland's American Job Centers are conveniently located throughout the State and are dedicated to serving businesses and job seekers. American Job Centers provide a full range of assistance to job seekers and businesses (free of charge). Job seeker services include career exploration assistance, referrals to training programs, placement services, résumé preparation assistance, and workshops to enhance job seeking skills and work readiness. Applicants have access to computers with Internet access, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, telephones, and a variety of job search resource materials. To find a Center near you, visit

You may also access job search and self-service options utilizing the Maryland Workforce Exchange. Instantly view any job posted to the web directly on your mobile phone or tablet. Simply search for “MWEJOBS” in Apple iTunes or Google Play app store or visit