Instructions for Completing Forms for Five-Year Capital Improvements Program

The following notes are prepared to assist in completing each of the Tables. The Space Guidelines and definitions can be accessed by viewing the Tab/Worksheet.

Table 1: Facilities Inventory By Building (PDF)

  1. On-Campus refers to all campus sites. The definitions are listed at the bottom of the first page of Table 1 (below the Table)
  2. The column titled "Subtotal On-Campus Permanent" refers to the first definition of On-Campus. These inventories are included in Table 3 "Current Inventory" column.
  3. The column titled "Subtotal On-Campus Overflow" refers to the second definition of On-Campus. This space is NOT REPORTED in Table 3 "Current Inventory".
  4. The column titled "Total On-Campus Space" includes the sum of "Subtotal On-Campus Permanent" and "Subtotal On-Campus Overflow" columns. This space is NOT REPORTED in Table 3. 
Table 2: Facilities Inventory Changes (PDF) 
  1. Reports current inventory and changes through 10-year projected inventory.
  2. The column titled "FY2015 After Gains/(Losses)" is reported in Table 3 (column titled "Surplus/(Deficit)" projected 10 years). 
Table 3: Computation of Space Needs (PDF) (See "Guidelines" (PDF) for definitions)
  1. Complete Enrollment/Employment Table First. Totals for each type of enrollment/ 
    employment are formulated for automatic entry.  USE FALL 2005 (FY06) ENROLLMENT DATA MHEC Enrollment Projections June 2006.
  2. All Current data must be "hard entered" (Except Totals). 
  3. FTDE, FTE and Headcount must be "hard entered" in both Current and Projected cells 
    (Except FTDE "Total" cells) . 
  4. BVE is entered @ 20,000. Read "Guidelines" for further instructions.
Table 4: Computation of Parking Needs (PDF)
  1. "Hard Enter" Current and 10-Year Inventories (other data is formulated)
  2. Follow instructions in Table 4 section.​