One Step Away Grant Program


Maryland’s General Assembly set a statewide goal that 55% of adult Marylanders will hold an associate or bachelor’s degree by 2025. The statewide completion goal, the College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013, and the State Plan for Postsecondary Education align with the State's competitive completion focused grant program, One Step Away (OSA). One Step Away provides funds to support public and nonprofit independent two- and four-year institutions’ efforts to identify, re-engage, re-enroll, and graduate near-completer students. Near-completers are students who have earned 75% or more credits toward an associate or bachelor’s degree, or may have enough credits for an associate or bachelor’s degree, but have stopped-out or dropped-out for 12 consecutive months or longer without obtaining a degree.

Purpose: The purpose of the One Step Away State Grant Program is to improve college completion by providing associate and bachelor’s degree-granting Maryland institutions with funds to identify, contact, re-enroll, and graduate near-completer students.

Grant Applicant Eligibility: All accredited Maryland public and nonprofit independent two- year and four-year associate and bachelor’s degree-granting colleges and universities.

Grant Period: June 17, 2019 through August 17, 2020

Award Amount: Up to $60,000 per institution.

Institutional Match: Institutions must provide in-kind or matching funds in an amount equal to at least 1/3 of the total project cost​.

Application: Closed

For more information refer to the RFP and application materials below or contact Benee Edwards at

FY 2019 Application

FY 2019 Abstracts (PDF)                                              FY 2019 Abstracts (Word)​
FY 2019 RFP (PDF)                                                      FY 2019 RFP (Word)
FY 2019 Budget Summary (Excel)                                FY 2019 Budget Summary (PDF)​

FY 2018 

FY 2018 RFP (PDF)    FY 2018 RFP (Word)
FY 2018 Budget Summary (Excel)  FY 2018 Budget Summary (PDF)
FY 2018 Abstracts (Word)  FY 2018 Abstracts (PDF)

FY 2017 

FY 2017 Final RFP (PDF) FY 2017 Final RFP (Word)
FY 2017 Budget Summary (Excel) FY 2017 Budget Summary (PDF)
2017 Abstracts​ (PDF) 

FY 2016 

FY 2016 Abstracts

FY 2014 

FY 2014 Abstracts

FY 2013 

FY 2013 Abstracts